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Testimonials for Sue Nicholas - Holistic Therapist

Susannah worked as a massage therapist in the practice for six months. During that time she helped many of our patients and we were very sorry when funding for her post ended. We will recommend Susannah to any of our patients who we feel will benefit from her services.

Gene Clark
Practice Manager


“I recently had a severe chest infection resulting in pneumonia and pleurisy and was quite fragile when I first visited Sue at Bliss Holistics.  Her first massage was gentle but it started to help me straight away.  She used cupping and worked to aid lymphatic drainage and explained all that she was doing as she went along.  I am sure I would have taken far longer to improve had it not been for her massages.  I will make time now to do this more often in future.”

Thanks Fiona


" I was very lucky to have met Sue via a referral from my GP as a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Her massage sessions were fantastic therapy for me, especially helping with the tension in my neck and shoulder area. I have continued to visit Sue since, which is helping with my continued fight against PTSD."   
Regards Sharon.


I have been visiting Sue for upper body and neck massage for several weeks. Before I started having the massage I had been experiencing increasingly severe neck pain with associated headaches. My neck pain is now much better and the headaches have gone.
Thanks for your help Sue.

Sandra Wallis


“My friends at Ludlow Golf Club recommended your services to me. My first treatment started in February 2011. From then to present day you have treated my on going lower back problems, they being around since 1992.

I have gained immense benefit and progress from your high level of professional treatment. Your excellent standard of treatment is second to none when compared with my previous experiences. Many thanks for all your help.”

Kind regards Paul


Dear Sue I just wanted to thank you for the Spinal Touch treatment you gave me the other month. As a result I have had no back pain since!! As you know i was initially a bit sceptical about having the treatment since various other therapies in the past have had little or no effect. I have tried massage, physiotherapy and been told it was " muscular" or simply age related. Your careful analysis and correction of my spinal alignment has made me aware , particularly when driving, of the relative position of my shoulders and hips. So no longer do I have any pain after a long journey, it's marvellous and wish this had happened years ago. Thank you so much and would recommend others to try your healing and preventative therapy. Well worth it !

Tony trbasil@btinternet.com

Reflecting on my condition I think I caused the problem trying to lift a very heavy water tank. Most of the time I sit in front of a computer, you know rounded shoulders, poor posture, all the classic things not to do. I started to get a stiff back and then the corkscrew effect set in, by body was no longer showing any signs of being straight.

At this point I realised I needed help and fast. Google came to the rescue and I started calling. On my fifth attempt after four calls being told I couldn't be seen for weeks, Sue said she would fit me in. When I questioned her about further visits, if necessary, she said she would make space and see me. I really liked this flexibility and response to what was causing me serious pain.

On my first appointment Sue measure my spine from different angles and wrote down shifts from the norm – 4" this way, 2" that way and so it went on. She then went on to explain the ISTHA Spinal Touch therapy, she also said that men she sees don't necessary believe it can work and she often starts the sessions with a massage. I knew I needed to be straight so decided to give ISHTA ago….

Imagine lying on your front on couch with gentle pressure at the top of the leg and equally gentle touching all the way down the spine – could you believe this could work? Shouldn't a good hard massage be better?

All I can say is that when I left the first time, I was upright and straight. What a relief! By the time I had driven home and probably done some silly things, I obviously was not completely fixed, but I was so much better. A couple more sessions and I was close to being mended. I have since had a massage which was wonderful, probably the best massage I have ever had.

Thanks Sue for your caring touch and your skill with ISHTA.

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